Views of " Best Kept Secret" by Stephen D. Oliver

 ... a public sculpture  

"Best Kept Secret,"  a public sculpture by Stephen D. Oliver                                  Photo by Mike Wilson

The following poem  is cut into the port and starboard of the boat-shaped sculpture.

To cross the Gulf, be our port of call leaving a wake of peace and love for all      All hands together joined to row make rainbows of gauntlets as they go.

                                                                                  by Stephen D. Oliver

Installed in Gulfport, Florida, July, 2014, this sculpture was conceived, designed and created by the artist  and sponsored by the Gulfport Merchant's Association for placement in front of the city's National Landmark, the Gulfport Casino. The city did not want just another sculpture, but art that would have meaning for the City and its residents. Inspired by the city's journey from past to its vibrant present, the artist responded to the city's own story.

                                                                                                     Photo by Mike Wilson

"The metal sculpture consists of a boat raised to eye level on painted stanchions. The boat's aft is in the shape of the historic Gulfport Casino,  ( a community events space) and within the arched silhouette of the casino, an impressionist image of the historic and disappeared "colored people's dance pavilion. A keyhole cut in the center of this image offers a play and mixing of colored light created by glass elements inside the boat."

                                       Photo by Mike Wilson

           A working weathervane features Gulfport's initials GP and sits atop the central mast.

                                                                    Photo by Dr. Henry Oliver

        Light is reflected through the boat's glass inserts, casting
       a constant rainbow onto the public pathway beneath it...
                                                           All hands together joined to row 
                                                              make rainbows of gauntlets as they go.

"Best Kept Secret" is permanently installed in Gulfport, Florida  

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